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Use Dashboard Filters to quickly find deals on your dashboard.

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You can use four types of filters to specify what you see on the Rooms dashboard.

  1. Bookmark

  2. Room Status

  3. Room Type

  4. Asset Type

You can use any combination of filters on the Rooms dashboard. If you switch to those tabs, the Dashboard Filters will also filter your Activity Report and Templates.

For Room and Activity Dashboard Filters

For Template Dashboard Filters

How to use the filters on the Rooms dashboard:

  1. To filter Bookmarked rooms, simply click on the Yellow Bookmark Icon located beside the search bar under the ProDeal Logo or your company's logo.

  2. To filter by Room status, use the dropdown menu to the right of the Bookmark Icon and select All or Inactive. The default setting shows Active rooms.

  3. To filter by Room Type, use the dropdown menu to the right of the Room Status Filter.

  4. To filter by Asset Type, use the last dropdown menu to the right of the Room Type Menu.

  5. To reset all filters, click the Clear All button. To clear each filter separately, click the x icon.

Note: You can not filter the Templates dashboard by Asset type.

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