How do I adjust a team's access settings? 

Hosts and admins (click here if you are unsure whether you are a host or admin) have access to two helpful tools to oversee access:

  • The Access Menu. By clicking the access menu, you can click on a specific team to view the checklist to see what that team sees.
  • Manage Access on the Teams Page. Navigate to the teams page and click "manage access" next to any team.  There you can decide what checklist items that teams sees and click save to make your selection. To change access to an existing document as a Host, go to the Teams page and click on Manage Access at the top right of each Team. Then check or uncheck the boxes for each Line Item or document to give access to the individual documents or all contents of the Line Item

Does a responsibility assignment depend on access? 

Yes, a team that is marked as responsible for a checklist item will, by default, have access to that item. For example, if a team without access to a folder is given responsibility for that folder, the access pop-up will indicate that access will be granted to the folder upon giving responsibility.  

While the responsible team may receive access to the item, it does not give access to all contents within that item.  

If a team does not have access to a folder but I give them access to a document within that folder, will they then see the parent folder?  Yes, sharing a document grants the receiving team access to all parent folders.

What happens when I move folders? 

Moving folders or documents into other folders will result in that folder or document inheriting the access permissions of the destination folder.  Please make sure to carefully read the pop-up message to fully understand the implications of moving checklist items.

Can I use bulk actions to change a team's access? 

Selecting multiple items within the room and changing their access may result in lost access to subitems as well as responsibility. Alternatively, granting access to multiple items within the room may result in access to previously hidden parent folders or headings. If you have any questions as to what any team can see, use the access filter or manage a teams access via the "Manage Access" button on the teams page.

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