Enabling and setting up Column Switcher

To get started with custom columns, please head over to your room settings page and turn ON Custom Column switch under Checklist Settings,

You can edit the custom column's name or leave the default Custom. The name can be edited later, while this feature is turned on.

Using Column Switcher

With ProDeal's new Column Switcher feature, you can adjust the second and third column on your Checklist to display the information that is the most relevant to you. You can access this feature by clicking on the Column Label and selecting one of the options from the drop-down menu.

Choose from 5 different options:

1. Responsibility. Display the Teams that are responsible for each Line Item.

2. Access. Display the Teams what have access for each

3. Last Note. Display the most recent Note that a Team member wrote on a Line Item.

4. Upload Date. Display the most recent date and time a document was uploaded to the Line Item.

5. Custom Column. With the Custom Column turned on, add your custom text to selected Line Items or Folders, to match your needs.

Select your Custom Column from the Column drop-down menu and Click to edit to add the text value (example: Important in the first Line Item on the screenshot).

Type your text and click Save to proceed. Your new Custom value will be displayed on the Line Item you selected and email notifications sent to responsible users depending on their email settings.

To learn more about each of the features on display, check out these articles!

  1. Write a New Note
  2. Bulk Action - Assign Responsibility
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