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Moving items on your Checklist
Moving items on your Checklist

Configure your room and move checklist items with simple drag and drop

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You can easily organize your room by moving checklist items wherever you would like them to go.

Expand/collapse your headings

Click the button on the top of your checklist to fully expand or collapse all the headings.

Drag and drop to rearrange

Drag and drop any heading, line item, folder, or file to a new position/location on your checklist.

Dragging and dropping will allow you to not only reorganize, but also:

  • Turn line items into headings, and

  • Turn headings into line items

How to successfully move items

  1. Click and hold the checklist item

  2. Drag it to where you want to go. When you drag, you will notice the destination for your move to be either a blue line (if moving in between items) or a highlighted item (if moving into an item).

  3. Release!

๐Ÿ’ก ProTip: If you want to move your heading to a folder level - you need to move it to a line item first (as in step 1) and then to the desired folder level.

Managing Access when reorganizing

If your item moving prompts any changes involving access, we'll let you know. Make sure to read the instructions, so you know the implication of the move.

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