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Sign documents on ProDeal
Sign documents on ProDeal

ProDeal's e-signature functionality allows you to sign documents directly on the platform

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Using e-signature on ProDeal will allow you to get documents signed within ProDeal's document viewer. Only users designated as a signer will have permission to actually sign the document. Additionally, evidence of the signature will post as an entry in your room's Activity Report.

How to use e-signature

To begin using e-signature, you will need to first prepare the document and then upload it directly into ProDeal. Once the document is uploaded, the signer will need to open the document in ProDeal to sign it.

Part 1: Prepare the Document

  • Check your ProDeal room. You'll want to ensure that your signer is a user in your ProDeal room. Note the signer's email address, that will come in handy in the next step.

  • Prepare your document. In order to prepare your document for signing, you'll need to attach a signature field within that document. We recommend using Foxit PhantonPDF (in the video below, we'll walk you through how this works). Once you've added the signature field, associate it with your signer by adding the same email address associated with their ProDeal account. Once complete, save the PDF. Click the video below for a walkthrough on preparing a document in a pdf editor.

  • Upload the PDF. Now that the document is prepared and ready to be signed, you will want to upload the execution version of the document into ProDeal. Drag and drop the document directly into your ProDeal room. Pro Tip: Let your signer know where this document is being uploaded. It also helps to label the document "Execution Version." You might even consider creating a separate heading or line item called "Documents to be signed."

Part 2: Getting the Document Signed

Now that the document is uploaded, it's time to sign! Here are the signer's steps to sign the document.

  • View the document. When you've identified the correct document to sign, click the document to view it.

  • Find the signature block. Scroll to the end of the document to find the correct signature block. If you have been designated a signer by the document uploader, you will see a button on the signature block that says "Sign here." No one else will see that button.

  • Sign and save the document. Click the "Sign here" button and choose whether you want to draw, type or upload your signature. Once you complete your signature, click "Create." After you add your signature to the document, click "Save Changes" on the top right corner of the screen. Click the video below for a walkthrough of signing a document.

For a comprehensive overview of the entire e-signature process, click the button below:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are e-signatures on ProDeal enforceable in my state? ProDeal makes no representations with respect to the enforceability of e-signatures. Please make sure you review your state's laws, rules and regulations before relying on an e-signature for any document.

  2. Do you have any check boxes or disclaimers to prove the signer consented to use e-signature? We do not have any consent click-throughs or other confirmations.

  3. How can I attribute a signature to the person who says they signed it? ProDeal's e-signature is configured such that only the individual user you designate as the signer will be allowed to sign the document. That user will have to log into their ProDeal account and physically click to sign the document. The action of signing the document is also logged in your room's activity report and is dated, time stamped and associated with that specific user's ProDeal account.

  4. Are the signatures attached securely to the document? No, Prodeal's e-signature is an annotation on the document, and it is not possible to certify that the document was not changed after it was signed.

  5. Are signed documents stored on ProDeal? Yes, once a document is signed it is stored on ProDeal just like any other document you would upload on to the platform. All documents stored on ProDeal are encrypted in transit and at rest.

  6. Does ProDeal circulate copies of the document once they are signed? ProDeal does not automatically circulate signed documents but they are available for download by users with access to the document.

  7. Does ProDeal retain records of all signed documents? Documents are stored on ProDeal unless deleted by a team with host or admin-access to that document.

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