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New features! MFA and room open notifications
New features! MFA and room open notifications

New ProDeal features for February 2021

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We've added some great features this month that enhance ProDeal's security for you and your organization. Read on to learn what's new.

Admins can now enforce MFA in their organization

In the latest ProDeal version, admins can now enforce Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to further enhance security across the entire organization. They can also see who in their organization currently has MFA enabled. Learn how to enable this setting.

Why should you use MFA?

One of the best ways to protect your account is with MFA. Using an MFA app to approve your sign in means that even if someone gets hold of your details, they can't access your account without your approval. Here's how to enable MFA for your acccount if you aren't using it yet.

Get notified when someone joins your room

Another new addition to ProDeal's suite of security features is the option to get notified when someone that was invited to a room opens that room for the first time.

You'll find this new notification option in the Notifications tab of your Account Settings. You can always customize your email notifications to suit your preferences at any time.

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