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Bulk Action - Change Status
Bulk Action - Change Status

Change the status of multiple items on your checklist in seconds!

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Change the status of multiple items

Now you can easily change the status of any combination of line items, sub-folders, or documents.

Make your selection and click UPDATE STATUS in the menu bar located at the top of your checklist. You can choose from the following statuses:

  • No Status

  • Open

  • In Progress

  • Closed

Each status has a color icon to help you distinguish among statuses. No Status is a white dot, Open is a red dot, In Progress is a grey dot, and Closed is a green dot.

If you don’t want to count items for your room’s progress bar, the No Status will exclude them from the tracker, so if something doesn’t affect a deal’s progress, it won’t hold you back from reaching 100%.

If you need to update more than 10 items, you will be asked to confirm the status update.

Pro Tip: You can use Shift + Mouse Click to select a range of line items, sub-folders, or documents in one click.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is status change when uploading a document still automatic?

    No. When you upload a document, the room host or any designated admins will have full control over which status you want on folders, regardless of whether it contains a document.

  2. What is “No Status?”

    No status allows you to remove status from any line item or heading. When you use this status, it will remove the folder or line item from the progress bar count. So if you create line items that don’t require a status or which you don’t want to affect the progress bar tally, use the new “no status.”

  3. Can I change status on a heading?

    Yes! You have full flexibility to control status to headings. By default, headings in new rooms will show as “open” (red). You can always change these to “no status” if you prefer they do not show any status.

  4. What status can I apply to a document?

    Document and folders have the same status. Available folder and document statuses are “open,” “in progress,” “closed” and "no status." When documents are first uploaded to a room, they are automatically labeled as "no status."

Want to learn more about adding custom statuses in addition to the 4 listed above? Contact ProDeal support at

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