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Set Custom Status to Items
Set Custom Status to Items
Use statuses tailored to fit your organization's needs.
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Custom Status Overview

Each ProDeal room has 4 standard statuses:

  • No Status

  • Open

  • In Progress

  • Closed

Custom statuses allow you to add statuses in addition to the standard statuses seen above.

If you or another colleague on the Host team needs to add a custom status, you can contact our customer support ( as the feature is still in beta.

Workflow Use Cases

Custom statuses are a great way for you to also flag items within your room. You can use concepts like "Not applicable" or "received" to tag your items and create quick lists of items that need action. Here are a few examples of helpful custom statuses:

Not applicable

Mark items off of your checklist, while letting everyone know that an item does not apply to your specific deal.

Top Priority Docs

Communicate to your guests which documents you want them to focus on immediately, without having to reorganize your checklist.

Under Review

Sometimes "In Progress" has many different variations. Under Review is a great way to get more specific about an item's status and clarify that the Host team is reviewing a document or item.

Needs signature

Communicate with everyone in the room which documents need signature. This is especially helpful before closing.

How to request a new status within your room:

  • Select an item

  • Click the Update Status button at the top of the checklist

  • Click Add New Status

The chatbox pops up and you can use the preloaded message or type in your own message to request to add a status.

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