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What's new in ProDeal
What's new in ProDeal

New navigation and updates to multi-factor authentication

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We've added some great features that will enhance the look and functionality of ProDeal as well as improvements to platform security for you and your organization. Read on to learn what's new.

New ProDeal Navigation

Our new global navigation bar (highlighted in red in the image below) allows you to access or create rooms from anywhere in ProDeal (previously only accessible on the dashboard).

From the global navigation bar you can access your dashboard by clicking "Rooms" and your platform-wide activity report, by clicking "Activity."

We also added two new actions that allow you to either open rooms or create new rooms.

Clicking "open" gives you the option to access recently opened rooms and bookmarked rooms.

If your organization has any workspaces, this is also where you will be able to switch between rooms linked by a single workspace:

Clicking "create" gives you the option to create a new room or template from any screen in ProDeal.

Many of the selections from the global navigation will show a secondary navigation bar. Here is an example highlighted in red:

This secondary navigation bar can be minimized by clicking the 3 line menu at the top of the screen:

Email Based Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

With this option selected, in order to authenticate into ProDeal you will need to provide a code sent directly to your email. ProDeal additionally offers MFA with a third-party authenticator application.

Guest based enforcement of Multi-factor Authentication

ProDeal enterprise users have the option to require MFA not only for their employees but also all external guests that access their ProDeal rooms and data.

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