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Search for everything on ProDeal

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Global Search allows users to search across all Rooms, Templates, Documents, Folders, & Notes in ProDeal. Global Search allows users to search text within documents and notes. Search results are ranked to show relevant results as well as the relevant text within the search results.

💡Users can only search across Rooms, Templates, Documents, Folders, & Notes which they have been given permission to access.

You can find the Global Search bar at the top of any screen in ProDeal.

Global Search Results

The search results will be shown through a drop-down. When you click a document from the result, it will bring you to the document viewer directly, and for the note, it will bring you to the notes pop-out in the room.

You can click the Press ENTER button to view a separate search results page. This page is a filtered search. On this page, you can use or remove filters to expand or narrow the scope of the search.

The icons next to each search result help users easily identify the result. For example: results showing a room have a home icon next to it; results showing documents have a document next to it.

Note: Clicking the Filters button on the right side of your screen will hide/show the filter bar.

Global Search Filters

There are 5 filters on the Global Search that will help you to make your search direct and easier.

  • Room

  • Template

  • Item

  • Document

  • Note

Search Bar Filters

Search Page Filters

Images below are examples of using filters on the search result page.

💡 Pro Tip: While the filter type (note, item, or document) and last modified are active, you can search for a room or a template at the same time.

Note: When searching for something inside a room, the Room Filter applies automatically and will only search for items, documents, and notes within the room. Go to the Search Result Page and clear the Room Filter, this will give you all the results across all rooms.

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