Create and Edit Headings

To add and rename a new heading

  1. Click the New Heading button in the top right corner.
  2. Rename a heading by clicking the Actions Menu and selecting Rename, or by hovering your mouse cursor over the Headline title and click the pencil icon.

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Learn more about renaming a Heading

Create and Edit Line Items

To add and edit a line item:

Click the Actions Menu on far right side of any heading to add a New Line Item.

Type in the name of your new Line Item(s) in the pop-up window.

Give Access to the correct Teams and then click Save Changes.

Edit a Line Item Name: click the Pencil Icon next to the title of any Line Item.

Edit Line Item Settings: open the Actions Menu of any Line Item to Change Status, add Notes, and other available actions.

How do I add a bunch of line items quickly?

Learn more about how to rename a line item

Create and Edit Subfolders

To add and rename a subfolder

Click on the Actions Menu and New Folder for any Line Item hover menu to add a Subfolder within the line item.

Type in the Folder Names in the pop-up window. Assign Responsibility and then click Save.

To rename a folder, click on the Pencil Icon and enter the new name.

How do I rearrange headings?

How do I rearrange Line Items?

How do I move items on the Checklist?

After you've created the room and customized the checklist, add teams and team members that need to work in the room with you.

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