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How to get started on ProDeal
How to get started on ProDeal

Whether you just joined ProDeal or are kicking off a new Room, this article contains helpful resources for you!

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I just joined ProDeal, how do I get started?

You're in the right place at our Help Center!  Use the search bar for any questions you may have.  The Help Center library is filled with helpful how-to articles on using ProDeal.

Take a moment to watch this 90 second video on using ProDeal. The video will walk you through uploading and downloading documents to the platform.  

ProDeal support is always available for your questions.  Click the round blue icon (on the bottom right corner of your screen) to send us a message or email us at

How do I host my own transaction on ProDeal?

You must be a certified user to create your own Rooms on ProDeal.  If you are not a certified user and would like to learn more about hosting your own transaction, contact us at

If you are a certified user and ready to host a new transaction, click here for a short article on creating a new Room.

How do I kick off my new transaction on ProDeal?

So you've created a Room and are ready to invite guests. ProDeal suggests you send a short kick-off email letting guests know to expect an invitation to ProDeal.  See below for some sample kick-off language.  

Begin Sample Email # 1

To:  All participants

Subject: ProDeal Kick-Off

All, we will be using the ProDeal software platform to manage our checklist and documents on this transaction.

ProDeal Support is CC'd on this email if you have any questions regarding the software.

Please click here for a 90 second video on how to upload and download documents to the Room. 

Begin Sample Email # 2

To:  All participants

Subject: ProDeal Kick-Off

All - we will be using ProDeal on this transaction to manage the closing checklist.

ProDeal is a combination of a data room where you can upload all deal documents and a transaction checklist where you can track deliverables.  It is very easy to use and incredibly secure.

You will receive an invitation to create an account and view the data room. Our dedicated ProDeal account manager (cc'd) is available to give you a walkthrough. 

Here is how we will use ProDeal on this transaction:

  1. All parties will upload and download documents to folders instead of emailing them

  2. All parties will communicate "reply-all" style comments using the line item notes 

  3. Once documents are final, our office will close each line item (i.e. make the folder green) to indicate completion

To get started, you can click here to watch a short 90 second video on using ProDeal.  You can also watch a longer walkthrough by clicking here

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