To Set Access for multiple documents at a time, use the white Bulk Select icon at the top of your screen to select all items in the room.
Make sure you uncheck the ones that you don't want shared.
Then click on the Manage Access icon at the top of your screen next to the Bulk Select icon - it is shaped like a lock. Use the Manage Access pop-up window to share the selected room items with any Team in room. Make sure to click Save at the end. 

You can also set Access for multiple documents at a time by using the Select Hover icons:

  1. Hover over a document so that the white Select Icon appears next to the document name. Click the Icon so that it turns blue and shows a white checkmark.
  2. Click the Select Icons for each document for which you would like to set access
  3. You can also use the Bulk Select Icon at the top of the page underneath the search bar to Bulk Select all of the documents and then uncheck them to your liking.
  4. When you are ready to Set Access for all of your selected documents, click the Set Access Icon located at the top of the Checklist (this Icon looks like a lock).  
  5. Select the appropriate Team(s) and click Save

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