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Filter Your Checklist

Use ProDeal's Filters feature to filter your Checklist and display relevant information.

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To make your workflow as efficient as possible, use our Filters Feature. At the top of your Checklist is the filter by Status, Access, Responsibility, and Upload date button.

Predefined statuses are:

  • White - no status items or deliverables

  • Red - open items or deliverables

  • Grey - items in progress

  • Green - closed items

πŸ’‘ If you or another colleague on the Host team needs to add a custom status, contact our support via chat or email us at Learn more about Custom status

Each item will have a corresponding color depending on the status you set via Bulk Status Update.

  • Filter by Access (see all the items accessible by a particular team)

  • Filter by Responsibility (see all the items assigned to a particular team)

  • Unread filter (quickly see all unread documents or notes)

  • Upload date filter (find all items created in the selected time period)

Filter by Upload date

Click Upload Date in the filter menu and select the data range you're interested in. Your checklist will now show you the documents uploaded in that period.

πŸ’‘ ProTip: You can use these filters in any combination

For example, to show open items assigned to one team, click the Red icon and select the desired Team from the Responsibility filter.

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