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Checklist Search bar

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ProDeal rooms come with several ways to get the information you need very quicly.

Room Filters

You can filter rooms by names of folders and items using the filter search bar located at the top of your checklist page.

You can search by Item's name or Last Update Date.

The checklist is being filtered while you type. Use the X that will appear in the Search Bar to return, exit out of the search, and take you back to the Checklist.

πŸ’‘ ProTip: You can combine the search bar and filters to refine your search results even more.

Global Search

You can also use Global Search to find a specific item or contents of documents and notes. This will help you find your documents within the room or across all rooms.
Note: When searching inside a room, the Room Filter applies automatically and will only search for items, documents, and notes within the room. Go to the Search Result Page and clear the Room Filter, this will give you all the results across all rooms.

Apply these filters while searching for something to display what's relevant.

Note: While the filter is active, you can also search for a room or a template to direct the result of your search to a specific room or template.

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