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What's New in ProDeal: Access Permissions and More!
What's New in ProDeal: Access Permissions and More!

Check out new ProDeal features including updates to Access Permissions, Responsibility, Filters, Column Switchers & more!

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The all new Access Permissions 🚨 available now 🚨
New and improved Access Permissions allows you to control and customize access to all checklist items, including heads, line items, subfolders and documents.

View the room as another team
Hosts and Admins can now customize the Access Filters to view their rooms from the perspective of other Teams.  This gives the Host and Admin Teams extra visibility into what every other Team in the room has access to.

Expanded room configurability
Customize room columns to your liking. Choose between Access, Responsibility, Last Note, Last Updated and the custom column.       

All new Access Column 

The new access column replaces the lock previously seen next to documents.  Hover over the icons in the new Access Column to easily see which team has access to each Heading, Line Item, Folder or Document. 

Updates to Room Creation
We have simplified our room creation process. Now, when creating a room, you have the option to either turn Access Management on or off. If Access Management is off, everyone in the room will automatically have access to all documents and folders. If Access Management is on, the Host and Admin Teams will be able to control access to all checklist items. 

Expanded Admin Controls
Admins now have the ability to create and manage guest teams within each room. This is helpful for hosts who want to designate third parties as their representative within the room to invite others.  Admins retain their existing abilities to configure rooms as well as control status of checklist items. 

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