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How do I set up a MFA App to use with ProDeal
How do I set up a MFA App to use with ProDeal

Learn how to set up Multi-Factor (MFA) App to use with ProDeal

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To set-up and use MFA Authentication for ProDeal on Web (computer), you need to install and setup an MFA mobile App on your mobile device.

Google Authenticator is a commonly used Multi-Factor app for mobile devices that generates timed codes used during the Multi-Step Verification process.

Set up the Google Authenticator app

  1. Install the Google Authenticator app on your iOS or Android device (more details for each device type can be found here).

  2. On your mobile device, open the Google Authenticator app, click Scan a QR code/barcode (if it's the first account you're adding), or click the + icon followed by Scan a QR code/barcode if you already have Google Authenticator set with MFA accounts.

  3. Use your device camera to scan the ProDeal MFA barcode. The new ProDeal MFA entry will be added to your Google Authenticator app, with a label: ""

  4. Type or copy/paste the MFA 6-digit code from the Google Authenticator App to ProDeal Account Settings / Security Settings / MFA page to confirm MFA setup.

If you have issues with setting up Multi-Factor Authentication, please check our MFA troubleshooting page.

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