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New User Homework
New User Homework

New to ProDeal? Try this exercise to get started right away.

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The quickest way to begin using ProDeal is to start by creating a new room. For your first assignment, we'll walk you through (1) creating a room, (2) configuring that room with some custom folders, (3) uploading a document and (4) inviting a colleague.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Create

  • Click the "New Room" button on the top right of your dashboard.

  • Give your room the following name: "Demo Room - [INSERT YOUR NAME]."

  • You can leave the transaction amount and closed date fields blank.

  • Make sure to leave Access Management enabled.

  • Then click create room!

For more resources on creating a room, click here.

Step 2: Customize

  • In your new room you will see an existing heading called "Heading 1."

  • Edit this heading by hovering your mouse over the name "Heading 1" and clicking the pencil icon.

  • Call the new heading "Diligence Documents" (or another name of your choosing).

  • Change the name of the existing line item using the same technique described above (e.g. Rent Role, Leases, Property Reports, Financial Documents, etc.)

  • Add 3 additional line items to the "Diligence Documents" heading.

For more resources on customizing a room, click here.

Step 3: Upload

  • Upload one document by clicking the Upload hover button on the first line item.

  • When you file explorers, select a document and click "save" or "open" to upload.

  • After completing your first upload, go to your computer's desktop and find a document, group of documents or folder containing documents.

  • Drag and drop the document, group of documents or folder from your desktop directly into another line item and click "Save Changes."

For more resources on uploading documents, click here.

Step 4: Invite

  • Click "Teams" in the left side bar of your room.

  • Find your team and click Invite Users.

  • Add one colleague to your team by entering their email address, click "add user" and then click "Send Invites."

  • Go back to the teams page and on the top right corner, click "Create New Team"

  • After filling out the team's information, decide what you want this team to see in the room and then click save.

  • Once the team is created and you've selected the items to which that team will have access, click "Invite Users" and invite an additional colleague to this new team.

For more resources on creating a team and inviting users, click here.

Congrats on completing this assignment! When you're done, send a screen shot of your room and teams page to Let us know how this went!

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