After a deal closes, you can use ProDeal to create a fully hyperlinked closing binder to distribute to the parties involved. 

To start, make sure to mark all relevant documents as final in your ProDeal room. 

Next, to create the closing binder, simply click the Actions Icon on the top right corner of your scree (next to the New Heading button).  Then click on Export

On the Room Export screen, select Closing Binder and click Download. Your PDF file will automatically be downloaded in a couple of seconds. 

The closing Binder will contain a list of all final documents, which are hyperlinked to the files on ProDeal. You can click on any document link and open it directly on ProDeal. 

For your protection and added security, individuals that try to access closing documents must authenticate into the ProDeal room and have access to each closing document. 

For more on how to add a user into a ProDeal room, click here

For additional information on how to grant a user access to documents, click here.

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