How to Share Documents While Uploading Them

When you upload documents, you get to decide who to share those documents with. Drag and drop documents to any Line Item. You will see a pop up asking you which Teams you want to have access to your document(s). Check or uncheck the correct Teams and click Save Changes.

Edit Access to an Existing Document

You can edit access to a document that is already in the room.

  • Use bulk select: check all the selection boxes corresponding to the documents you want to set access for.
  • Click Manage Access in the filter section above.
  • Scroll the list and check/uncheck the access for all the teams in the room.

How to Manage Access to Documents as a Host or Admin

Hosts and admins are able to edit access to documents through the Teams Page or by bulk selecting checklist items and clicking the Manage Access button.

For more information on managing access, watch this 90 second video or check out the extended article on managing access.

How do I know if I'm a Host or Admin?

To see if you're a host or admin, scroll over the Room Name on any page in the deal room and look for a tag next to your Team.

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