ProDeal users generally have the ability to decide which teams can view the checklist items. The ability to control access to items within a room is incredibly flexible.

For hosts, we suggest you watch this video for a quick overview of managing access on ProDeal.

Access to items can be managed on upload/creation and can be later changed from the Checklist page as well as the Teams page.

Managing Access to Documents on upload

Upload a document to the checklist either using the Upload button or dragging a document to the specific item on your checklist and dropping it.

Manage Access dialog box will appear and you can select/deselect teams that will gain access to the document. You can select/deselect teams individually or use the bulk option at the top of the Manage Access dialog.

Changing Access to Documents

Changing Access on the checklist page

  1. Select items you want to change access for

  2. Click the Manage Access button

  3. Give or Revoke access to the desired team

  4. Click Save changes

Changing Access on the Teams Page

  1. Navigate to the Teams page

  2. Click the Manage Access button next to a team.

  3. Give or Revoke access to the desired team

  4. Click Save

Note: Access management is conditioned with your team role in the room.

Watch this 90 second video on managing access.

Read Frequently Asked Questions about Managing Access.

Read about Bulk Setting Access.

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