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3 Steps to Prepping for Your Status Call
3 Steps to Prepping for Your Status Call

Use ProDeal to power-up your status calls.

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To run your checklist status calls more efficiently, these three best practices will keep you ahead of the deal and your day.

1. Email everyone before your call

Pre-call emails are a good way to remind everyone that you're using ProDeal's real-time checklist on today's call. See below for a sample email you can send. If you want to also circulate a PDF checklist, you can click here for simple instructions on how to export a PDF checklist.


All - we will be running today's checklist call directly from the ProDeal room. Click here ( for all of the most recent updates.

Reminder: you can filter the checklist for all open, in progress or closed items. Here are instructions on how to do this:

For those that would like to review a PDF checklist, please see attached.


2. Update your room's status column

Whether you're using status on folders or a custom column called "Status," make sure everything is updated the same way you would normally do this in your word or pdf checklist.

Remember, your checklist columns can be used to display various items, such as:

  • Access (see which teams can access the item)

  • Responsibility (see which teams are responsible for the item)

  • Last Note (the last note posted for the item)

  • Upload date (date the item was created or document uploaded)

  • Custom column - (you can add status updates or any other important information)

Whenever you export a PDF checklist, your export will reflect all visible filters or columns. Learn more on setting up and using the custom column

3. Use notes for greater details

If you're missing diligence like searches or title commitments for a significant number of properties, post a note in the "Properties" or "Organizations" headings.

Providing a list of outstanding items in the notes section will give the borrower visibility during the call as well as save you time coordinating with them after the call.

You can also use notes for more detailed updates or back and forth conversations that don't fit in the status column.


Even if you're not running a status update call, ProDeal's PDF exports are super helpful to tell a counterparty exactly what you need from them to close your deal.

Many ProDeal users will even create custom punch lists of open and/or in progress items for specific teams by combining the status and responsibility filters.

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