To upload your files and documents

  1. Drag and drop a document from your file explorer to the line item.

  2. If you are prompted, select which teams should have access to the document you are uploading and select Save Changes.

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To download files from ProDeal

  1. Click the white square button at the top of the checklist. When the files are selected the squares will turn blue.

  2. Click the download icon to the right of the square icon at the top of the checklist.

  3. Choose whether you want to download the documents with or without folders.

This will download your whole checklist.

You can select any combination of items you want to download using Bulk Select. If watermarking is enabled in the room, the Host can download originals and watermarked documents. Other teams can only download watermarked documents.

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Filter the Checklist

Keep track of what items are still open and what's still on your plate by filtering the checklist.

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Close Your Completed Checklist Items

Mark your final documents as closed and close completed line items to quickly see what you still have open.

You can also update the status of items to in progress and open.

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Bulk-share Documents

Quickly share any number of the documents with any teams in your room.

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Write a Note

In ProDeal, collaboration is easy. To communicate and avoid emails, you can always use Notes.

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Want to download many files at once, assign team responsibility or update the status of multiple items? Learn more about bulk actions.

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