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Where to Begin: Your ProDeal Onboarding Guide
Where to Begin: Your ProDeal Onboarding Guide

Thanks for signing up for ProDeal. This is everything you need to get started.

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I just bought prodeal. Now what?

Thanks for purchasing your subscription to ProDeal! Please check your email for a message from your account manager. They will reach out to get your account setup.

What is the best way to learn how to use ProDeal?

ProDeal onboarding includes access to our self-education courses (called ProDeal University), our online help center and 24/7 support chat. If you are just getting started, your best next step is to take our introduction to ProDeal course available for free by clicking here.

Do you offer in-person or virtual onboarding services?

For more information about in-person or virtual onboarding, please email us at or schedule a time to chat by clicking here.

What is ProDeal?

ProDeal is a simple data room to track and manage transaction due diligence. ProDeal combines:

  • A digital closing checklist

  • A secure document repository

  • Robust privilege and permission system for sharing documents; and

  • Messaging and communication

How do I create an account?

ProDeal is invite only, meaning that someone on the platform will have to invite you into an existing deal room.

If you just purchased ProDeal, you will receive an email from your account manager with next steps to create an account.

If you've received an invite, follow the steps in your email to create an account (or read this article if you need some further assistance).

How do I invite colleagues?

Simply add them to any existing deal room using these instructions.

Can you give me a walkthrough?

We sure can, but we've put together some short videos to make this super easy for you:

  • Get to know ProDeal. If you want to get to know ProDeal in 90 seconds, click here.

  • 5 Minute Walkthrough. For a slightly deeper dive into the fundamentals of using Prodeal, click here.

My company just bought ProDeal and I'm supposed to be the one to use it every day. What should I do to get started?

I am in charge of ProDeal at my company. Do I have extra privileges?

Yes. To get these privileges, you need to be designated as an org admin. Please contact your sales person, your account manager or email us at to ensure this has taken place.

Next, please read this article on the administrative privileges you will have for your firm's ProDeal account: click here to learn more.

How do you track my billing?

ProDeal's service is "pay as you grow," meaning that we will automatically adjust your account monthly as you add or remove users at your organization. If you have any questions, please email us at or talk to your account manager.

What kind of support do you offer?

ProDeal offers 24/7 support for all users. There are several ways to get help using ProDeal:

  • Email. Email us any time at

  • Phone. Call us any time at 917-647-0513 to speak with a live person.

  • Chat. If you're using ProDeal, click the question mark icon on the top right corner and click "Contact Support" to start a live chat. You can also click here for more instructions. If you're reading this on our help center, you can click the round chat icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.

  • Self-service. We offer a robust online help center with how -to articles and videos. Type your question into the search bar to find articles relevant for you.

I'm ready to kick off my first live deal. What do I do now?

We built a course to walk you through this, which you can watch by clicking here. When you want to create a live checklist for a new deal, you'll start by creating a room. In a room you can store documents for just yourself, for your colleagues or multiple parties. ProDeal is equipped with robust privilege and permissioning features to allow you to decide who sees what. Each room has a checklist either created by you or copied from a template.

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