Locate the Line Item you want to edit and click the corresponding actions menu button. In the opened menu, click Download, Download Originals (Documents Watermark has to be enabled in Room), New Folder, Change Status to Closed, Notes, Email-to-folder (has to be enabled in Room), Rename, Copy Secure Link, and Manage Due Date.

For Manage Access, use checkbox(es) to select desired Line Item(s) and click the Manage Access button in the filter section. Make sure you check all the Teams' access after your changes. You will see a Warning sign for all the Teams losing access. After you make all the changes, click Save and it will take effect immediately.  

To set the Due Date, click on the calendar icon or the corresponding actions menu and Manage Due Date button and choose the desired date in Due Date window.

ProDeal will send an email reminder 24 hours before a Due Date and then an overdue alert 24 hours after a Due Date if the Line Item is not "Closed" by the Due Date. These notification emails are only sent to groups that are assigned Responsibility for that Line Item.

To assign Responsibility, use checkbox(es) to select desired Line Item(s) and click the Manage Responsibility button in the filter section choose the appropriate Group(s) by clicking the checkbox next to it.

Once you are satisfied with the changes made, click the Save button on the bottom right corner of the window to store your changes and go back to the Checklist.

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