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How to get started and kick-off your deal

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   1. Create your room

   2. Send a kick-off email 

   3. Create teams and add users into ProDeal 

   4. Carry out third-party training calls as needed

Important Overview Documents 

  • Video on general workflow This video is our most frequently watched video as it very simply explains how to use ProDeal.  All users starting transactions send this to their colleagues and counterparties

Create your room

To create a new room on ProDeal:

  1. Click the New Room button from your dashboard. 

  2. Fill in the required fields: Room Name and Room Type. The Total Transaction Amount and Closed Date fields are optional.

  3. If you are using a checklist template, select it from the Select Template For This Room drop-down menu. This is optional. If you do not select a template, you can add folders on the fly once you create your room.

  4. Select if you want Access Management in your new Room. Please check our article to learn more, as this cannot be changed after the Room is created.

  5. Select if you want to make the room Private.

  6. Click Create Room.

Send a kick-off email 

Giving your colleagues, third parties or counterparties a heads up that they will be added into ProDeal is a way to ensure their invitation email is not missed.  Use the templates below (and feel free to revise as needed). 



All, we will be using the ProDeal platform to manage our due diligence/ closing checklist on this transaction.

Invites to ProDeal will go out shortly. If you need to add additional colleagues, click here for instructions.

Once you have access, please start uploading documents to the deliverable folders instead of emailing them to us.  

Click here for a 90-second video on how to upload and download documents to the deal room.


cc: (Please add our Customer Success team to conversation)
Copy/Paste the text below 👇 (it will include the links to our Help Center articles)

All, as discussed, we will be using ProDeal on this transaction to manage all due diligence. You will receive an invitation to create an account and login to ProDeal shortly. Our dedicated ProDeal account manager (cc’d) is available to give you a 15-minute walkthrough if you’d like.

Here is how we will use ProDeal on this transaction:

  1. All parties will upload and download documents to folders instead of emailing them.

  2. All parties will communicate “reply-all” style comments using the line item notes.

  3. Once documents are closed, we will close each line item (i.e. make the folder green) when they are complete.

Click here for a 90-second video on how to upload and download documents to the deal room. Thank you for taking a few minutes to join ProDeal.Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


Create teams and add users into ProDeal 

After you have set up your room, add teams and team members that need to work in the room with you.  You can create an unlimited number of teams within your room.

To create a new team and invite a new team member:

   1. Click Teams from the left-hand sidebar.

   2. Click Create New Team at the top right corner. 

   3. Enter the Team Name and Abbreviation, then select the Type and Role.

4. Click Create.

   5. Next, click Invite Users and enter the email address of the person(s) you want to add.

   5. Click Send Invites

Carry out third-party training calls as needed

Utilize the following resources to onboard third parties:

   1. Send workflow video.

   2. Give access to our help center (

   3. Ask us! 

4. Tell them about ProDeal University.

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