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  • Seamless transactions are easy on ProDeal when all parties follow the same workflow
  • All parties should upload initial drafts to Line Item folders for which they're responsible.
  • All parties should download documents they're responsible for reviewing and upload any "across-the-table" comments.
  • All parties will communicate general caveats or approvals via line item notes.


To ensure ProDeal is the single source of truth for all parties, documents and communications on your transaction, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Upload documents to the line item folders for which you are responsible.

When uploading a document, you control which Teams can view that document.

Choose which Teams to give access or use the buttons on the pop up to select all Groups or none.

If you accidentally share a document with the wrong Team, click on Document checkbox and click on the Manage Access button in the top part of the page to change access setting.

STEP 2: Download documents directly from the Line Item folders and upload any "across-the-table" comments or document markups.

You can also download multiple Line Items, Subfolders or files using the Bulk Download feature.

STEP 3: Use Line Item Notes to communicate general caveats or approvals.

Notes are viewable by everyone in the Room so think of them like reply-all emails.

STEP 4: Indicate completion of Line Items and Documents.

Once documents are deemed final and approvals are posted using Line Item Notes, the designated party will mark documents as final and close each Line Item (i.e. make the folder green) to indicate completion.

Other Helpful Tips:

To see what Teams are in your Room, click Teams on the left side bar or your Room. Use this page to:

  1. See who is in your Room
  2. Find contact information
  3. Invite colleagues to your Team

Filter the checklist. Use the filter on the top of your Room to see what line items are open, in progress and closed. You can also use the dropdown menu to filter by your Team's responsibility.

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