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How to Close Your Deal on ProDeal
How to Close Your Deal on ProDeal

Step by step instructions for how to use ProDeal as the central source of truth for all deal documents

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Now that you've gotten your borrower on board with ProDeal, it's time to bring on counsel. Follow the same steps in the "Kick off a New Deal on ProDeal" to ensure your lawyers know the ProDeal basics.

You might also need to add some new headings and line items or perhaps even an entire legal closing checklist. Click here for an article on customizing your checklist.

While ProDeal might be a new tool you're using, the workflow to ensuring ProDeal is a success is incredibly simple:

  • Upload documents to folders for which you're responsible.

  • Download documents you need to review

  • Use notes to communicate any "across-the-table" comments, questions or approvals

STEP 1: Upload documents to the line item folders for which you are responsible.

When uploading a document, you control which Teams can view that document.

If you accidentally share a document with the wrong Team, click on the Document checkbox and click on the Manage Access button in the top part of the page to change the access setting.

STEP 2: Download documents directly from the folders. You can also download multiple Line Items, Subfolders, or files using the Bulk Download feature.

STEP 3: Use Line Item Notes to communicate general caveats or approvals.

Notes are viewable by everyone in the Room so think of them like reply-all emails.

STEP 4: Indicate completion of Line Items and Documents.
Once documents are deemed final and approvals are posted using Line Item Notes, the designated party can Update Status to Closed to indicate completion.

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