Get started on ProDeal by learning about some of the basic features that you will use every day - like using the Checklist, sharing files, writing Notes, and managing the status of items in the room.

Get To Know Your Checklist
Checklist Items are organized into Headings, Line Items, and Subfolders. Open or Close them using the arrows on the left. To make new Headings, use the New Heading button on the top right.

Actions Menu
Each Checklist Item features a Actions button on the far right hand side of its bar.

Use this button to access the Actions Menu, a drop down menu with many of our tools. Those include Notes, making new Checklist Items, marking Checklist Items as Open or Closed, Deleting Documents, or Editing Line Item Settings. You can also write Notes or Edit Line Item Settings by using the Pencil and Chat Bubble Icons on your Checklist. Keep reading to learn more about each of these buttons.

Open and Close Line Items
Checklist Items are marked as Open (Red), In Progress (Grey) or Closed (Green). Line Items and Subfolders will be marked as In Progress if they contain unfinished items or Documents. Once you and your colleagues are ready to close a Checklist Item, click the Actions Menu and select Change Status to Closed. If you wish to reopen a closed Line Item, select the Menu and click Change Status to Open/In Progress. If you are changing the status of a document, click Mark as Final. This will change the color of the Folder Icon to green.

Filter Your Checklist
To make your workflow as efficient as possible, use our Filters feature. At the top of your Checklist page are six different Filters - one for Closed, In Progress, Open, and by Access, Responsibility, Upload Date. If there is an Unread document in your checklist, the Unread Filter Icon will also appear.

Use those Icons to filter your checklist. For example, to view only Open Line Items, click the red Filter Icon. To view only Line Items that are assigned to one Team, select that Team from the drop-down menu in the Responsibility Filter Icon. Use these filters in any combination.
Example: You can filter to view only Open, Closed, and Unread Line Items that the Lender's Counsel Team is responsible for.

Write a New Note on Line Items
Notes are a great way to communicate with colleagues in a deal room. You can write comments on Line Items or update your colleagues on the status of any part of the deal. Use the Actions Menu to select Notes on any Line Item. This will open up a chat room where you can send any message, update, or question to your colleagues. After a first Note has been written, you can access the Notes chain of that Line Item by clicking on the Chat Bubble Icon next to the Line Item name.

Upload Documents

You can upload documents by moving the cursor over the Checklist Item you want to upload the document to and clicking the hovering Upload button on the right side. This will allow you to upload any document from your computer.

You can also upload any document on your desktop by clicking on it and dragging it to any Checklist Item.

Bulk Upload Documents
ProDeal is equipped to absorb large quantities of files at a time as well as any folder structure. Simply drag and drop documents in any folder structure onto ProDeal and it will be duplicated on the platform.

Download Documents
To download a document that your colleagues have shared with you on ProDeal, move the cursor over the Document you want to download and clicking the hovering Download button on the right side.

To download the Checklist structure to your computer, you can also download a selection or an entire Subfolder, Line Item, or Heading.

This will download all the documents within that Checklist Item and will transfer the Checklist structure to your computer as folders.

Bulk Download Documents
If you have just been added to a deal room and need to review a lot of new documents, or if you want to transfer all the documents in a deal room to your computer at once use our Bulk Download feature. Click the Bulk Select Icon underneath the search bar to Bulk Select all the Line Items.

You can also use the checkbox buttons on each Line Item to custom select the Line Items you want to download.

To export the entire Checklist, click the Actions Button on the top right and select Export to PDF. Select the Export type and confirm to download.

You can find more info about export data option here.
This should be enough to get started on ProDeal with the basics and more. Visit our other Help Center Articles to learn more about other features - or contact us for a more extensive walkthrough with a member of our support team!

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