Get to Know Your Checklist

Checklist Items are organized into Headings, Line Items, and Subfolders.

Expand or collapse the contents by using the arrows on the left. To make new Headings, use the New Heading button on the top right.

Actions Menu

Each Checklist item features a Actions Icon on the far right hand side of its bar.

Use this button to access the Actions Menu, a drop down menu with many of our tools. Those include Notes, Downloading Documents, making new Checklist Items, marking Checklist Items as Open or Closed, Deleting Documents, or Editing Line Item Settings. You can also write Notes or Edit Line Item Settings by clicking on the Pencil and Chat Bubble Icons on your Checklist respectively. Click the hyperlinks to learn more about each of these actions.

Filter Your Checklist

To make your workflow as efficient as possible, use our Filters feature. At the top of your Checklist page are four different Filter Icons - one for Closed, In Progress, Open, Access, Responsibility and Upload Date. If there is an Unread document in your checklist, the Unread Filter Icon will also appear.

Use those Icons to filter your checklist. For example, to view only Open Line Items, click the red Filter Icon. To view only Line Items that are assigned to one Team, select that Team from the drop-down menu in the Responsibility Filter Icon. Use these filters in any combination.

Example: You can filter to view only Open, Closed, and Unread Line Items that the Lender's Counsel Team is responsible for.

Organize Line Items on Your Checklist

To move Line Items around on your Checklist, hover over them to reveal the Grid Icon on the right hand side.

Use this to click and drag Line Items when you want to reorder them on your Checklist. You can also drag one Line Item into another. Click here for an article that includes a more extensive guide to organizing your Checklist.

A Map of the Other Buttons on Your Checklist

Bulk Select
The white button right underneath the search bar on your Checklist is the Bulk Select.

Toggle this button to select all the Line Items. You can then check or uncheck them in any combination you want.

Once you've selected all the right Line Items, you can use any of the exposed bulk action buttons that appear at the top to Download, Assign Responsibility, Grant Access, or Delete all the selected folders. Click on the links to learn more about Bulk Actions.


The Checklist also features our Collapse button.

Toggle this button to collapse all the Folders, Line Items, and Headings on your Checklist.

Export Your Checklist
Click the Actions Menu on the top right to reveal a drop-down menu.

Click Export, select one of the available export categories and confirm by clicking Export again.

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